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Masonic Home 100 Program (MH-100)

By contributing to the MH 100 Program you are making an investment in the security of your future and that of every Master Mason and his wife. In our advancing years we may reach a time when our health may not allow us to either physically or financially support ourselves. Our Masonic Home is there for this specific purpose and we are here to continue to give "so far as we are able."

Planned Giving: Wills and Gifts

It is no secret that our Masonic Home Endowment Fund has been one of the most critical issues on our Grand Lodge agenda in recent memory. Many ideas have been implemented to insure the growth of this sacred trust, but inflation and empty beds at the facility have led to the use of principal from the account to fund the Home's budget for the last few years. Although it appears that we are finally catching up to the original mandate of utilizing only the interest income from the account to fuel the budget, we must continue our endeavors to grow the principal. If we do not commit ourselves to this, then we will be forced to continue tapping that principal which will ultimately lead to the demise of the Home as we know it. Wills and Gifts is one way to adhere to that commitment.

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