City of Jacksonville Recognizes Freemasonry

Introduced by Council Members Hipps, Alvarez, Brown, Carlucci, Carter, Chandler, Daniels, Fullwood, Holland, Holzendorf, Jenkins, Lockett-Felder, Overton, Ray, Rustin, Self, Soud, Southwell and Yates:



    WHEREAS, the fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world, holding within its lineage those talented craftsmen of both the timeless pyramids of Egypt and the magnificent cathedrals built in Europe during the Middle Ages; and


    WHEREAS, many of our country's founders, including many signers of the Constitution,were Freemasons, and the Masonic emphasis on patriotism, egalitarianism, morality,integrity, truth, mutual aid and assistance, and brotherly love is evident in the basis they provided for establishing and structuring our great nation; and

    WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge of Florida was formed in the Territory of Florida in 1830 and relocated in 1870 to Jacksonville, where its corporate offices are in operation to this date; and

    WHEREAS, Freemasonry in Jacksonville and its various appendant orders, including the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, the Shrine, Eastern Star, DeMolay, and Rainbow Girls, provide services to approximately 60,000 Florida Masons and approximately 175,000 Masons from other states who reside in Florida, with there being twenty-two lodges and more than 7,000 permanent-resident Masons in Jacksonville alone; and

    WHEREAS, it is estimated that Freemasons in North America, individually and as an organization, contribute over two million dollars each day to charitable causes, and the local fraternity is well-known for its long and generous tradition of helping people, operating social and relief programs involving both sides during the Civil War, ministering aid during the yellow fever epidemic, assisting during and after the Great Fire of 1901, and, more recently, sponsoring and supporting numerous charitable and community activities such as a language disorder clinic in association with Wolfson Children's Hospital, an eye clinic, hospitals, burn clinics, and crippled children's clinics at no cost to patients; and

    WHEREAS, Freemasonry in Jacksonville is worthy of honor and recognition for its invaluable example of selfless charitable relief combined with high standards of morality; now, therefore

    BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Jacksonville:

    Section 1. That the City Council does hereby recognize and commend Jacksonville’s Freemasons for their longstanding history of civic contributions in our community.

    Section 2. That the City Council does further thank Jacksonville’s Freemasons for their exemplary and caring citizenship, wishing them all manner of personal and professional success as they continue to pursue their noble and exalted ideals of life and service.

    Section 3. Effective Date. That this resolution shall become effective upon signature by the Mayor or upon becoming effective without the Mayor's signature.

    Form Approved:
    /s/Jeanne M. Miller

    Office of General Counsel
    Legislation Prepared by: Richard W. Campbell
    June 22, 2003

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