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The Grand Master’s Charity for this year will be The MasonicmmrlMedical Research Laboratory, otherwise known as the MMRL. To name a few of the MMRL’s achievements, it has “discovered or unraveled the mechanisms of the majority of known cardiac arrhythmias” and its “research has played an important role in the implementation of devices like the pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator” and the automatic external defibrillator. Furthermore, “MMRL continues to play a major, and in some cases a pivotal role, in the development of heart medications.” “MMRL scientists were instrumental in providing the first direct evidence linking Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to abnormal heart rhythms.” They have recently begun an exciting new aspect of stem cell research by growing heart tissue from human DNA cells in a Petri dish, so that healthy heart tissue may be implanted back into the patient. The MMRL is on the cutting edge of scientific research, and it is wholly involved with cardiac research. Heart disease is still the Number 1 killer in America. Brethren the MMRL, has been our Flagship Charity since 1997. Let’s get behind this charity and make it our Landmark, and as identifiable as the Shriner’s Hospitals.





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