Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100)

FA 100The Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100) was established in 1993. Its purpose is, with the support of the Craft, to eliminate the need for the Grand Lodge to require a per capita tax from the Lodges each year.

Think of what a benefit it could be to your home lodge, and then consider the good effect it would have with all the Lodges of this Jurisdiction.

This, of course, will not happen over night, but with your help we can bring it closer to reality. One of the things needed to receive support of the Craft is the understanding of what FA-100 can do to provide a more stable future for the Brothers who will follow in our footsteps.

All funds received must be mailed to the Grand Lodge of Florida, P. O. Box 1020, Jacksonville, Florida 32201-1020. In the memo section of your check please put FA-100 so it is correctly recorded.

As District Deputy your responsibilities to your District and your Grand Master are great. Part of your successful year must be centered on your Committeemen. Stress to the FA-100 Committeeman the value of his visits to the Lodges of your District. Help him put a positive light on FA-100 as a desirable program for the future of the Lodges and for our Fraternity.

It is requested that you have your Committeemen set up a table at the Grand Master’s Visit for the sale of FA-100 Ties.  At his District Visits the Grand Master will present the ties to the Brothers who have purchased them.

Your work for FA-100 is most important for a successful year. "You are where the rubber meets the road." Assist your District Deputy in making his and your visits memorable and of benefit to the program. Point out the good effect it can have for the future of their Lodge and all of Masonry in Florida. Encourage donations to the program with the lapel pins, and suggest that a Lodge Donation at the time of the Grand Masters District visit would be most appreciated.

Your encouragement and assistance to the District Deputy's Committeemen and Worshipful Masters is a major part in your support for the entire FA-100 program. You are a direct contact in your Zone, like the Committeemen you should encourage the Brethren and Lodges to support the fund. Information is all-important. Be ready with positive viewpoints about FA-100. Make yourself visible at the various functions in your Zone. Encourage Fund Raising Activities. Be vocal when appropriate about the program and its benefits.

Remind the Brethren what per capita tax costs the Lodge each year and how much the Lodge could benefit in the future if the tax were eliminated. Present a donation for FA-100 from your Lodge to the Grand Master during his District Visit. Suggest to the Brethren of your Lodge that the purchase of the lapel pin is a fitting donation in support of the program and shows concern for the future of Freemasonry.

The Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund is a far reaching program that can be a great aid to all the Craft and with everyone's help it can and will succeed.

For questions or comments pertaining to the Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund, contact the FA-100 Program State Chairman.


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