Masonic Home 100 Program (MH-100)

By contributing to the MH 100 Program you are making an investment in the security of your future and that of every Master Mason and his wife. In our advancing years we may reach a time when our health may not allow us to either physically or financially support ourselves. Our Masonic Home is there for this specific purpose and we are here to continue to give "so far as we are able."

Our home is in a continuous state of improvement, from the old structure, to the newer living facilities. Specialists of all kinds are on staff from administrative and house maintenance to healthcare providers, there to assist residents around the clock. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit, then you are truly missing a treat. Please give the office a call in advance and schedule a visit.

District Deputy Grand Masters have a "Great and Important Undertaking". The high and distinct honor you receive is one that carries many responsibilities, and our Masonic Home is one of them. The selection of an enthusiastic District Chairman for MH-100 is the key. Members of the Lodges can donate towards this effort collectively or can contribute individually. All contributions are tax deductible as the Masonic Home Endowment Fund Inc. is a (501)(c)(3) Corporation (Please make these checks payable to Masonic Home Endowment Fund Inc. for this deduction.)

Grand Lodge has an excellent brochure entitled, "The Masonic Home of Florida" On The Shores of Coffee Pot Bayou. This is an excellent tool to be used by you and your Chairman to promote the Home. Quantities can be obtained from Grand Lodge.

To further encourage the Craft we have an Award Program in place, which will recognize those who make contributions.

The Awards Are:

  • MH-100 Club $100 Donation - Bronze Pin and Certificate.
  • MH-100 Ambassador Club $200 Donation - Red Enamel Pin and Certificate
  • MH-100 Gold Club $500 Donation - Gold Pin and Certificate
  • MH-100 Grand Master’s Club $1,000 Donation - Blue Enamel Pin and Certificate

The above awards are cumulative and as the donations increase to the next level, the award for that level will be given.

In addition to the above recognition awards:

* The Top Lodge in each District in per capita donation, will receive a plaque at our Annual Grand Communication.

* The Top Lodge in the State with the Highest Dollar Amount in MH-100 donations will receive a plaque at our Annual Grand Communication.

Incentives for giving should be creative both at the Lodge as well as at the personal level. Setting amounts may lower contributions from those who can well afford more and still give pride to those of lesser means.

For questions or comments pertaining to the Masonic Home 100 Program, contact the MH -100 Program State Chairman.


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