Lodge Officers Training Course

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Welcome to the ranks of Master Masons who are concerned about their Lodge's need for good Officers and who are willing to make a commitment to improve themselves in Masonry.  Your involvement in this program indicates you are one of those Florida Masons.

Our Lodges and their communities throughout Florida are undergoing constant change and upheaval as a result of the rapid growth of our population.  Daily, as individuals and Masons, we are faced with decisions about legal matters, taxation, insurance, planning, finances and other areas which in many instances defy understanding.

Recognizing that those of us who serve our Lodge as Officers must have special knowledge to prepare us to fill those offices, this training material has been prepared for your use and benefit.  The course has a number of lessons which have their own text.  Many of these also contain lists of reference materials and other items designed to expand your knowledge of our Fraternity.

This program is designed to allow expansion as needed.  It is hoped that your interest will be keen and there will be sufficient demand to warrant frequent additions to the program.

Study well the prepared text materials.  Make wide use of the various reference materials.  Consider the questions carefully and make sure your answer is the best one.

When you have completed the tests in Module I, submit the completed Module to your District Chairman of Masonic Education.  He will correct and grade it.  When this is done, he will request a certificate of completion from Grand Lodge for you.  He will return the Module to you, pointing out any wrong answers he has found.  He will then issue you Module II for completion.

We encourage you to continue on to the next Module and complete it.  There are three Modules in this series, and a certificate is issued upon completion of each Module.  You, your Lodge, and Masonry in Florida will all benefit from your participation in this education series.

Again, we want to congratulate you on your dedication to our Fraternity and we welcome you to this course.  It has been prepared by your Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee.

MODULE I: Lessons I through VII - (Click Here For The Study Guide)


MODULE II: Lessons I-VII (Click Here For the Study Guide)


MODULE III: Lessons I-VII (Click Here For the Study Guide)


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