Public Relations and Publicity

The Public Relations and Publicity Committee works with various types of media to best uphold our fraternal values, utilizing print media, digital media, social etworking, etc. This committee’s goal is to effectively and consistently educate non-Freemasons aboutFreemasonry, the Grand Lodge of Florida, our Particular Lodges and the membership about its far reaching effects through community outreach, media relations, and articles.

Each member of our time honored fraternity is a Public Relations and Publicity Officer for Masonry. We are good men, we are proud to be Masons, we need to let our Light shine and let those of a like mind know where they can come, associate, experience personal growth and be welcomed.

What is Public Relations and Publicity?

It has been said that there was a time when the multitude made a path to the door of the man who made the best mousetrap. Those were days when a product or a service was its best advertisement. In keeping with this general thought, Freemasonry's greatest salesman was and still is the proper living standards of its individual members and the knowledge by the community of who we are and what we do.

Publicity is being public or publicly known, an act or device designed to attract public interest; especially: information with a news value designed to further the interests of a place, person, or cause an action that gains public attention resulting in the attention so gained.

Public relations are, however, of a different nature. Public relations activities may be defined as doing things which advise the public of the nature of our craft, what we are doing; what we have done; who are our members; and what we are doing in making this a better world in which to live. These programs will tell the world where we stand insofar as our loyalty to our faith, beliefs and government is concerned and inform our neighbors of some aspects of our Fraternity that are unknown to them.

Masonic public relations and publicity is an educational process. It should inform the members of our families, our friends, our neighbors, our communities of the nature of Freemasonry and what activities it is engaging in.

Recognizing that in today’s world, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and news commentators are always on the alert to report events that are taking place and the activities of persons and groups. These are the instruments used in public relations activities. When we decide to engage in Masonic public relations, these tools must be understood so that they can be used. When we supply these sources with information, we are helping them: we are helping the general public receiving information: and we are taking our place in today's world.

For questions or comments pertaining to Public Relations and Publicity, contact the Public Relations and Publicity State Chairman.

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