Public Education and Citizenship Committee

To The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida:


Education has and will continue to be the past, present, and future of our State, County, our culture, and our Freedom. We heard in our Entered Apprentice Lecture by the perfect Ashlar, we are reminded of that state of perfection to which we hope to arrive by the aid of a virtuous education, so it is incumbent on each of us that we should be prepared to aid and assist others in achieving these same goals.


The word citizenship we find as the right, duties, and privileges of a citizen to the loyalty of one nation or country entitled to him or her by birth or naturalization.

Your Grand Lodge has created this program to promote the importance of education and thereby to create better citizens. Through the use of the Public Education and Citizenship Program we can make these goals a reality.

Drastic cutbacks in school funding will make it more important for us to support our public education system through the help of the Adopt-A-School/Teacher Programs. We will continue to have the opportunity to get physically inside our schools through the use of the “I love America” Essay Program. The use of this program is strongly encouraged as it enables us to reach the grade school level students and make a dramatic impact to public education and public opinion of our Fraternity.

The scholarship presentations will again continue. Local Lodges are encouraged to continue with assistance in informing the high school advisors and teachers to their availability as this is a paramount to its success.

Scholarship Essay Contest
“Why Education is Important”

Knowledge is power. When you get power, you get wisdom, and with this you get understanding. With this you can get the public to understand a little about Freemasonry. These programs provide you, the Craft, with a golden opportunity to do this.

Brethren, this program can only begin and end with you. The Grand Lodge can provide the basis and motivation but only you and your participation can make this effort a success.

So, get the understanding underway, and have some fun with your Brothers along the way.

Fraternally submitted,

Oscar Patterson, III

For questions or comments pertaining to the Public Education and Citizenship Committee contact the Program State Chairman.

Committee Program Book

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